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Using Remote Sensing to Advance the Regenerative Agenda

Our cutting-edge MRV software employs ground-truth data, satellites, AI, and
advanced technology to facilitate large-scale detection of C02 sequestration
from industrial hemp farms.

Monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV)

Monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) is an essential tool for carbon and ecosystem markets. As the demand for regenerative agriculture continues to increase, MRV is crucial for any organization or platform dedicated to being part of the solution. It enables the critical capability to monitor, report, and verify progress towards sustainability goals.

Carbon markets

Utilize farm data verification for carbon certification

Hemp processing

Monitor supply chains, establish traceability, and enable the monetization of ecosystem services


Verify hemp farm practices to ensure compliance


Monitor agricultural practices to manage biodiversity risks

Utilizing remote sensing provides a dependable and scalable method for identifying critical metrics, including regenerative agriculture practices.

Our MRV capabilities

Hemp Carbon Credits

Ground Truth

Ground truth data is collected to enable accurate models for remote measurement at scale and to collect a sparse array of crop samples for verification at the end of each growing cycle.

Cover Crop Detection

We can detect cover crops from satellite, enabling stakeholders to monitor and verify the prevalence of cover crops over large areas.

Crop Rotation

Applying our crop type models to analyse geospatial and temporal trends enables us to identify crop rotations and diversity. This allows users to monitor management practices at scale, as a component of sustainable agriculture verification or supply chain vision.

Field & Boundary Detection

We focus on what is relevant: detecting areas where crops grow. Field boundaries are the geometric borders or cropped areas, which are not necessarily exact cadastral reference locations.

C02 Calculation

To avoid extensive and expensive crop sampling, C02 absorption of hemp crops is measured via satellite data, at scale, with the use of AI and innovative machine learning approaches. The subsequent generation and sale of carbon credits for the voluntary carbon market (VCM) is a prime example of a regenerative agricultural incentive system.