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Buy Carbon Removal Credits

Why Choose Hemp Carbon Credits?

  • Industrial hemp is a potent carbon removal agent, absorbing C02, into its biomass, roots, and soil, thus helping mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Acquiring Hemp Carbon Removal Credits boosts your company’s sustainability credentials, thus improving your corporate reputation and brand value and aiding employee retention.

  • The Hemp Carbon Standard is the only organisation to use a methodology that leverages Sentinel 2 satellite data and Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) calculations, to accurately quantify C02 sequestration from growing industrial hemp.

  • This process has been certified to ISO 14064-2 by Control Union, ensuring Hemp Carbon Standard removal credits meet international standards.

  • Investing in Carbon Removal Credits includes multiple benefits including beyond value chain contribution to emissions, potentially avoiding carbon taxes or penalties and attracting socially conscious investors by positioning your business as an environmentally responsible organisation.

“These ground-breaking credits from the 2023 harvest, are based on a precise quantification methodology that harnesses remote sensing technology to accurately measure CO2 sequestration at scale”, Carbon Herald.